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11548 Route 23A, Lexington NY 12452   (518) 989-6582


Mountain Meadow Inn’s mascot, Snow Ball. she has big round eyes.

You’ll discover so many stars light up at night like millions of diamonds in the sky.

Next full moon is Oct 18. Look up the sky from the high up mountain.

* Hunter Mt: see the exciting upcoming calendar.                                                  

* Windham Mt: upcoming event at Windham.

* Many Events & Adventure at Great Northern Catskills.                         


* Fishing Guide available with Judd: Certified Fly fishing expert with more than 50 years of experience. He knows every creek in the catskill mountains and he knows secret spots.

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Nice & calm on Escarpment Hiking Trail at Windham Mountain.

So, make your plans and reserve a room.

Mountain Meadow Inn: 11548 Route 23A, P.O.B0x 325, Lexington, NY 12452

Please contact us: 518-989-6582

or e-mail us: info@mountainmeadowinn.com


Mountain Meadow Inn Bed & Breakfast

A Beautiful Victorian farmhouse with 140 year history

Hiking in late fall is calm and relaxing in the mountain. Summer is over, and it’s before the winter ski tourists start to come up here. It’s time to take a moment and walk slowly on the mountain, and see what you’ll find.

Spring on the Mountain

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